Canada Has Emerged As High Standards Of Educational Institutions, tells RCIC Listed Consultant Diwakar Sharma

September 27: Canada has emerged as one of the leading destinations for international student mobility. With high standards of educational institutions combined with the desire for accommodating international students, Canada is gaining momentum in attracting international students. International students enrolled at designated learning institutes (DLI), based on the program they enrolled in, are eligible to work part-time during studies, and are eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). The length of PGWP is dependent on the duration of the academic program pursued by the student.

Advantages of Studying in Canada:

Better Career Opportunities

Lower tuition fees in comparison to other countries

Lower cost of living

Better Standards of living

High Quality of Education

Possible opportunity for immigration

Options available to choose from hands-on training offered by community colleges to a degree program from universities

One of the experienced RCIC Diwakar Sharma, says, ‘It is highly recommended that the prospective client find information about the immigration consultant, as that is readily available through the public register listed by ICCRC.’

He has over 15 years of experience in International Student Recruitment, Academic Administration, Teaching, Public Relations and Media Management. Diwakar is a published author of seven books and numerous articles. Now he starts immigration consulting firm Diwakar Immigration Services Inc, based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

The firm is registered with the province of Ontario and is authorised by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to provide services in the field of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship.  Mr. Sharma’s consulting firm keeps the client’s interest at the front and provides solutions as per the legal framework. Diwakar will assist applicants with any kind of Canadian Immigration matter, including study permits, temporary resident visas, work permits, processing of post-graduate work permit (PGWP), Express entry, LMIA, Owner Operator Work Permit, Permanent Residence Application and Canadian Citizenship.

With his over 15 years of experience in academia, Diwakar is passionate about the education sector and he goes the extra mile in conducting career counselling, course search and guides prospective international students and parents in selecting the programs best suited, keeping in mind the job prospects for the student in the Canadian market. Studying overseas is a lifelong investment and if it is done in a well-planned manner, the outcome provides a firm start and secure settlement opportunity for the applicant.

Diwakar says, ‘before accepting an institution, the student should learn about the cultural dynamics of the university or college. DIversity at management level tells all about.’

Sharma stresses further that Canada as a destination is very attractive for Indians as Canada offers a safe and progressive environment for settling down permanently in Canada. Indians bring stronger English level skills and contribute to the Canadian job market. Canadians of Indian origin have been successful in securing higher-paid positions. Our consultancy firm deals with all immigration matters within the legal framework established by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.  Family unification of Canadian citizens and permanent residents is a vital part of programs offered by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and through Diwakar Immigration Services Inc, we can help Canadian citizens, permanent residents in sponsoring their spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, parents, grandparents, brother, sister, nephew/ niece under special circumstances.

Anyone looking for immigration opportunities to Canada from temporary to permanent residence should connect with us for honest feedback and support in processing immigration to Canada cases. We can provide post immigration settlement services.

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