Falling down is not defeat; refusing to get up is – Biijal Shah : Self Made Woman

Kerela, [India] : Self-made man, this classic phrase coined in 1842 by Henry Clay in the United States Senate, describes those individuals whose success lies within themselves and is not dependant on external conditions.

Ms.Biijal Shah is a shining example of just that…A Self-made Woman.

Humble beginnings

Born and raised in God’s own country Kerala, by doting parents who operated a business of eco-friendly, organic coir merchandise. Being weaker in academics than most counterparts, Biijal found herself as the underdog in her school. A childhood subjected to continuous bullying and persecution made her reclusive and withdrawn, devoid of friends.

However, Bijjal stood out from the rest due to her excellent communication skills and confidence in front of an audience. She took to the stage like a fish does to water, and excelled in elocution and performance-based activities. This natural flair for presentation made her a valuable asset in procurement and marketing of the family business at the tender age of fifteen years.

Her cause

Through first hand personal experience, Biijal empathized with children who struggled with the challenges of academics. She believed that there are strengths and qualities is us all, that compensate for individual weakness. Taking the onus upon herself to bring about a change, Biijal abandoned her comfortable role in the family business. She focused her energy in Education and Skill Development.

Journey to Le Exceller

Biijal took up coaching, her intention was to reach out to as many students as possible. She associated with corporate organizations and training academies, catering to the tutorage of professional skills viz. hospitality, aviation, business coaching, marketing, etc.

She was felicitated for single-handedly establishing training centres pan India and was instrumental in generating a seven-figure revenue for the company. Her fundamental calling was to reach out to students, and help them recognize and enhance their skills. Biijal relentlessly spearheaded campus drives and seminars across the nation, and successfully mentored hundreds of students in career counselling. It was on one campus recruitment drive, in the midst of an interview with a post graduate student, when Biijal came upon an astounding realization. The student, specialized in finance was unable to answer a basic question in math. This was a moment of revelation that altered her focus henceforth. She would now draw attention to the importance of Skilling and practical expertise along with academic certifications.

“People have degrees and qualifications in-hand, but are yet unemployed. Skill Development needs to be strongly implemented for a better future of the Nation.” And she stood by her words, determined to fight the persisting menace of unemployment in the country, by skilling the youth adequately.

Spoke in the wheel

Her relentless pursuit to fulfil her cause was not without challenges. As National Head of a globally renowned training academy, Biijal overcame obstacles posed by political workers, and the slander of falsified propaganda. Nevertheless, giving up was something she had never learned. Every hardship, oppression and discrimination she had overcome in the past fuelled her tenacity and resolve. She sought legal assistance and emerged victorious.

This was an eye-opening experience. All the substantial achievements and monumental accomplishments she acquired through honesty and dedication was not immune to disloyalty and deceit. “It is only those who are closest that can hurt you the most.”

Unable to accept the betrayal of a trusted counterpart, Biijal was devasted, she felt shattered and could visualize her life falling apart. She could feel the anxiety and depression starting to creep in.

Never give up

“A person is just one decision away from an extremely new life…falling down is not defeat. Refusing to GET up is!” and GET UP she did. Taking a firm grip on her life was key, controlling what she could control. And she started small with simple disciplined living.

Biijal incorporated positive lifestyle changes to build confidence and for inner peace viz. a born vegetarian Biijal incorporated periodic raw food diets, a strict abstinence from electronic devices one hour prior to bed, early riser – starting the day with yoga and meditation, embracing the importance of reading books – a book which transformed her life was The Bhagavad Gita

Birth of Le Exceller

Ms.Biijal Shah was back with a BANG! And a fabulous comeback with her very own brand Le Exceller. A company firmly rooted in her own values and principles, a company standing tall and representing the integrity of the gracious founder.

Le Exceller wields Biijal’s core expertise of…

Brand Management and Promotion, Personal Branding and Image Building, Influencer Management, Crisis and Reputation Management, Corporate Reputation Management, Media Relations, Brand Management and Promotion, Digital PR, etc. integrated with the key essentials of networking.

Supporting high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs to scale themselves in digital media, focusing on the importance of being appropriately and strategically visible. Providing them with the skills to sustain an image that is appealing and productive.

At the helm of it all Biijal Shah’s exciting journey continues, striving to empower upcoming as well as established professionals with requisite skills to ensure successful and productive careers and reduce unemployment. This passionate business strategist will continue to take up challenging projects in Skill Development and promises herself to contribute to the development of the nation till her last breath !

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