The world has arrived at an unusual turning point with the manifestation of a micro virus such as COVID-19. The life style has changed and human beings have begun growing physically distant from each other.Along with this, a massive change in culture has begun. Every field is witnessing this change. The venue of classroom has changed; the method of learning from the blackboard has changed.Any amount of praise is not enough for teachers for creating knowledge even in such adverse conditions. The Teacher’s Day means the day to honor teachers who work hard day and night to create ethical,healthy and spiritually inclined new generation. Also, the importance of Teacher’s Day this year is more remarkable and distinct.

The entire word is going in a different path altogether. It is essential to look at the Teacher’s Day today for the guidance of teachers to not deviate from this path towards being cultured and moral. The teachers have accepted to change themselves with the challenges posed by the changing times. To ensure that the students’ education does not suffer, the teachers have changed themselves and pedagogies without any kind of training in conducting online classes. It is certainly admirable how the teachers have shown empathy and flexibility in adapting to new technologies pertaining to teaching-learning process with.

Talking of the post Covid-19 global scenario, massive changes have taken place and on the world level, including India, online education method is being used.Students will be able to acquire knowledge about multiple subjects. With the progress in science and technology, massive changes have taken place in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning data science, cloud computing. The place of teachers have changed in this entire process. For this very reason, the teachers because whom the process of knowledge creation takes place and creates the nectar of knowledge for all of us.

Teacher is considered to be the component that changes the society. The society has many expectations from the field of education. The contribution of teachers is unparalleled in creating strong and capable nation. The future of nation is linked with such teachers and they have a lion share in creating a capable generation. Teacher is an ideal sculptor of society. Dr SarvapalliRadhakrishnan had said that life can become happy and pleasant only by knowledge and science.

Today huge challenges have been posed in the Indian education system. As an important component, the teachers are putting in huge efforts to shoulder the responsibility to ensure employability of graduates, high class educational syllabi, nurturing of quality, research and service, use of technology for studying and teaching, to devise plan to make the new generation socially responsible and capable to lead and to change and improve the quality of higher education institutions.

Gratitude to teachers who have fought against adverse situation to create new path to ensure that student are not at loss in the times of Covid-19 pandemic!


Dr Rajan Welukar

Vice Chancellor

AURO University, Surat.