Kingston Technology Boosts Server Performance for a Leading Game Server Provider,

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions, empowered, a leadinggame server provider, with itsbest-in-class memory and storage solutions. began operations in 2004 with the first server for gaming customers, and since then, have grown to become a managed hosting provider company with thousands of servers on six continents. The company offers solutions for game publishers, enterprises, IT service providers with worldwide hosting or connectivity demands. On an average, with over five new Points of Presence (PoP) being added every year, has over 40 strategically selected locations across these 6 continents, reaching local regions with the lowest round-trip latency.

For any gaming customer, performance translates into game servers that minimize lag times, especially for twitch-games (first-person shooter) titles that rely upon prompt screen refreshes to deliver a satisfactory, multi-player game user experience. Server capabilities has to be constantly upgraded with the release of new games and gaming platforms, and the technical engineers at had to constantly raise the bar with technology and release the stress on the servers due to high loads. Kingston memory modules and SSDs were able to double the number of gaming instances and upgrade these servers. So now’s new online gaming platforms can accommodate 60-100 players per instance running on servers with Kingston memory modules and SSDs’. The new servers can double the gaming instances from 32 to 64, some servers able to handle even up to 100 and all this has been done while limiting lag to deliver an enjoyable user experience.

The specialists worked with Kingston Technology experts to identify the maximum memory speed supported by legacy server processors. They reviewed the chipset specifications to understand the processor memory support rules to recommend the best memory modules and configurations to meet performance goals. It was also necessary to upgrade servers to maximize memory capacity they could support. To increase the storage capacity, Kingston’s best in class enterprise storage solution in its Data Centre range- ‘Kingston Data Center 500M (DC500M)’, – was used. It is designed for mixed-use workloads in applications that have a more even balance of read and write I/O demands on the SSD. With an endurance rating of 1.3 DWPD, DC500M is ideal for the high-volume rack-mount server market for internal drive bay upgrades, hyperscale data center servers and Cloud service providers requiring low-cost, high-performance storage subsystems.

Acknowledging Kingston Technology’s sales and technical team’s prowess, the Managing Director of noted that Kingston was able to provide a large quantity of DRAM or SSD with a good balance between speed, durability, and quality, all offered at a good value. He said, “The Kingston solutions have definitely made it easier for us to meet our SLAs. The MTBF [mean time between failures] of their modules is incredible. Since we started using them, we have reduced DRAM failures by 50 percent. And because we use Kingston as our default brand, we do not have to de-bug memory from different brands so we’re saving 10 percent in staff labour hours as well.”

Kingston Technology also offers rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures, and constantly backs its memory products with lifetime warranties, while the Enterprise SSD product line is backed by a five-year warranty. Kingston Technology also offers a suite of free services collectively titled KingstonCare. These include hassle-free RMA (return merchandise authorization) plus RMA product cross-shipping and on-site device spares. Together, the services are designed to reduce customer downtime and promote the meeting of SLAs. Acknowledging the quality of products and service offered by Kingston Technology, the COO at said, “At, we only work with the highest quality A-brand hardware and partners. and Kingston have been partners since 2004. Over time, Kingston has proven to deliver high-quality products.”

Kingston Technology has helped gain a competitive advantage by offering flexible server configurations. They have also been able to meet the 99.99% SLA specification to retain and gain customers. The memory module being offered have also slashed the DRAM failures by 50% since standardization on Kingston Technology modules.Not just this, Kingston’s durable, enterprise-class SSDs deliver 30,000 program/erase cycles — up to 10 times those of competing solutions.

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