turns on the heat in 4 years

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 14: In this digitally crazy world of urgent news and instant entertainment, the quirky Bollywood portal has in four years come to be respected and feared by the film industry for its news backed by facts, pithy interviews, scoops, scandals, gossip, filmi fashion, reviews, trade news and breaking stories in word and video. It reports Bollywood in all its glamour and glory, warts and all. is the fine effort of two Mumbai journalists, Mark Manuel (Bombay Times, Afternoon, Dainik Bhaskar) and Nishant A. Bhuse (MidDay, E24, Dainik Bhaskar) whose media company Clapping Hands launched this portal in September 2017. Since both journalists specialized in writing and covering crime, the USP of is its post mortems of ‘celeb crimes’ in Bollywood. These are covered in real-time and often from the scene of the crime.
“Everything that gets registered in a police FIR fascinates people whether it is a murder, suicide, robbery or rape,” said Mark Manuel, “and if it concerns a celeb from Bollywood, the interest is several notches higher. broke the story of Sri Devi’s death in Dubai in 2018 before anybody in the industry or even the actress’ family in Mumbai knew about it. We just carried on from there.” is in English, Hindi, and Marathi, with a dedicated website to each language. Besides Bollywood, its Television coverage is exhaustive too and in the Webcast space, it covers news that comes from the digital space. From new shows to controversies, reviews of Indian web shows, and web films. Fashion and Lifestyles are another USP. Who Wore What, the Catwalk, Magazine Covers, News, Style Wars, Red Carpet, Lifestyle & Makeup.

According to Nishant A Bhuse, “PeepingMoon has a digital reach of over 20 million across all social media platforms and approximately 1 million unique users over its web and mobile platforms monthly.” Digitally, is covered on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Officially, its content is shared by Jio News and HT Digital… and unofficially by every media house that does not want to get left out in the Breaking News race and is unashamed to copy-paste a story.