Vedanta Aluminium’s Mobile Health Unit: Transforming Lives, Empowering Communities

New Delhi (India), August 1: In a world where quality healthcare remains inaccessible to many, especially in rural areas, Vedanta Aluminium’s Mobile Health Unit (MHU) services has emerged as a beacon of hope for the people of Jharsuguda District. By providing essential medical services directly to the doorsteps of underserved communities, the MHU has not only improved the well-being of thousands of people in rural areas but also enabled them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

MHU Services: A Lifeline for Jharsuguda’s residents

Vedanta Aluminium’s MHU service was launched with the aim of ensuring the last-mile delivery of quality healthcare services to underserved rural areas, where the remote location or lack of suitable infrastructure often mean that people need to travel far in search of good healthcare.  Vedanta’s MHU service caters to several villages in the vicinity of the plant’s mega operations in Jharsuguda. This crucial initiative has successfully provided essential medical services completely free-of-cost, resulting in improved overall well-being for the overall district. Today, the MHU services have become a lifeline for the residents of Jharsuguda, offering accessible and comprehensive primary healthcare services. Dedicated healthcare professionals, through their remarkable efforts, conduct regular health check-ups, treat common illnesses, and help boost health and hygiene awareness across the district.

Bhawani Buda, a diabetes patient from Brundamal village, is among the many beneficiaries whose health has remarkably improved with support from the MHU services. With regular check-ups in his village every Tuesday, along with free medicines provided by the MHU, Bhawani’s sugar levels dropped significantly from over 300mg/dl to 110 mg/dl. His story is just one example of the positive impact that the MHU has had on the lives of innumerable individuals in the region.

Similarly, Jayaram Kanta, a 60-year-old resident of Keldamal village, had been struggling to afford proper treatment for severe gastritis pain, nausea, and acidity issues. Through the MHU, Dr. Jayaram Pujari examined him, prescribed medicines, and provided crucial advice on managing his condition. By following the doctor’s recommendations, Jayaram is now completely cured of his health problems.

Providing Comprehensive Healthcare Services

The MHU offers a wide range of medical services, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of the community. Expert healthcare professionals conduct frequent health check-ups, diagnose and treat common illnesses, and refer serious patients to nearby hospitals for further treatment. Men, women, and children all benefit from this initiative. The MHU also provides counselling and education on preventive healthcare measures.

1166 Health Camps: 26,500 Beneficiaries

One of the key reasons for the remarkable success of the MHU services is its ability to reach remote areas that lack adequate healthcare facilities. Vedanta Aluminium has successfully bridged the gap in access to essential healthcare by bringing medical attention directly to the doorsteps of underserved communities. From April 2022 to March 2023, i.e. within a single year, Vedanta’s MHU services conducted an impressive 1166 health camps in several far-flung areas, serving over 26,500 beneficiaries.

Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities

As the Mobile Health Unit continues to expand its reach and impact, it is evident that Vedanta Aluminium’s commitment to improving healthcare accessibility is making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities in Jharsuguda. This remarkable initiative is a shining example of how innovative and sustainable solutions can transform lives, empower communities, and bring about positive change in society. It serves as a reminder that when businesses prioritize the well-being of the communities they operate in, they have the power to create a healthier and more inclusive world for all.

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