Surat : White Lotus International School chose a unique way to teach students the art of Perseverance and Goal-Setting. The school organised an Orate Competition motivating students to voice their New Year Resolutions.

Students were guided to choose specific, achievable resolutions to set them up for success in the New Year.

The session on setting goals for the New Year was a valuable fun filled inactive experience. Making students make achievable resolutions for the New Year was also a motivational way to help them develop their communication and decision-making skills.

Resolutions need to be specific and achievable. Students tend to suggests well-intentioned but vague ideas like “Be helpful at home” or “Be healthier “. These resolutions never see the light of action nor develop resilience in individuals to filter these ideas into tangible actions that can be done every day, either by themselves or together as a family.

We motivated students to identify a way to make resolutions fun for themselves and their family!  Like putting marbles or cotton balls in a glass jar every time any family member completes his goal. Or, perhaps having a little family competition of who can stick to their goal the longest and rewarding the winner with a special privilege.

We made them learn how to make their goals specific and action oriented. Most students resolution was to “Eat Healthier”. A good idea that will always remain a thought or a painful glitch in the mind and so, to make the goal more achievable we taught them to be more specific about their idea so that it can be put into immediate practice … so the notion changed to “I’m going to drink two glasses of milk each day instead of soda or juice.” Or, “I’m going to eat two pieces of fruit for breakfast every day.”

New Year is the time when most of us are motivated to toss out our unproductive habits, get organised, and face life head on. And it’s a cliché by now that most New Year resolutions have the shelf life of fresh produce – good while fresh, unable to keep more than a week.

So, at White Lotus International School under the auspices of Principal Purvika Solanki, we taught students to make not only their resolutions but all their thoughts and ideas – SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.