Surat : White Lotus International School, a part of the Aster Institutions has taken to the virtual world to enhance knowledge and understanding of scholastic subjects for their students.

To cope with the current situation, White Lotus International School has successfully replicated its classroom environment and this innovative leap has made parents White Lotus International School starts online training classes for students
aware about the true importance of technology in enhancing betterment and growth. Chairman V K Sharma says, “I extend my full support to this noble cause of health and humanity but I feel that life cannot come to a complete halt. We need to create opportunities from the challenges we are faced with, and think for the young students on the brink of moving a step forward to the next academic level. They are in this situation filled with anxiety from being distanced from timely education and worry if they will be rushed and pressurised for syllabus completion in the later part of the year.” Under the patronage of Principal Purvika Solanki the school has started online training classes for its students.