Aman Singh Bisht: The perfect inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs

Lucknow, July 28: Everything is possible if you have the will and dedication to accomplish it. Indeed this is the fact that never fails to prove itself. We often hear the story of such a businessman who belongs to the same background for years. However, rarely do we come across some such entrepreneurs who rule the business world without any business family background, and one such humble entrepreneur is Aman Singh Bisht.

 Hailing from a remote village of Uttarakhand and now a proper Lucknow boy, Aman Singh Bisht is one such self-made entrepreneur who has carved his path from scratch. He has successfully managed to build his own company after years of struggle. The credit goes entirely to him as he had no prior family background regarding the same. He left no stone unturned to stand apart from the crowd, and in today’s date, he is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India, with his company growing to new heights every day. 

Aman Singh Bisht is an Indian Entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Shikhar Neer, a packaged drinking water bottle plant multiplying in all parts of Uttar Pradesh. Shikhar Neer gained prominence, and now it’s gearing up to expand its brand in the urban cities of Uttar Pradesh and other cities to various outlets and stores as a premium range of water under the name of Tropico and Alkaline water and Sodas. Aman is overjoyed to express the love and acceptance from his customers. He overcame several odds to get to where he is now, and this huge success is the result of Aman’s entrepreneurial skills. He followed his heart, and the rest is history.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Aman has a keen interest in row housing. Apart from business, Aman is a strong advocate of woman empowerment. He constantly lends his support for the betterment of society by providing sanitary napkins for women under the brand of ZenY. Start-ups are not effortless, and at some point in time, it monopolizes the brainpower, so Aman never immerses in work completely and protects himself from stress and fatigue, and keeps his job and life balance in check. Though his business consumes a lot of his time, he equally prioritizes his family and friends. Besides being a social activist, Aman is also an animal lover, a fitness enthusiast, and a highly adventurous person. He believes besides being into business. Every entrepreneur must give priority to health and well-being.

His journey as an entrepreneur was never an easy one. It’s just his idea that went right at the right time with the right team that made him super successful today. However, the road to success is never straight. It always accompanies a topsy turvy ride. When asked about his courage, Bisht came back with few words of wisdom “I had a great idea which I was confident about, but I was never afraid to take that first step because I believed in me and my potential.” Indeed awe-inspiring, there is nothing more significant than self-faith. Once you are confident and courageously make the first move, then everything else goes with the flow. Aman believes that a young and successful entrepreneur always needs to possess a strong inner drive that helps everyone succeed. Aman always strives to lookout for new opportunities, innovations, and ventures for this reason.

Successful young entrepreneurs work hard with a dream and determination, which is very important to reach the peak of life. Aman is gearing up with his Future venture of a Big industrial park in Lucknow. He is toiling hard working day and night to make Lucknow the best industrial and commercial Hub of India. Thanks to his hard work, his team and his followers undoubtedly gave primary entrepreneurship goals to all the budding entrepreneurs all across the country.

The incredible story of Bisht standing out as a leader and putting a mark on this field amid this cut-throat competitive, volatile world is more of a lively example of an enthralling success and a perfect inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs. Aman mapped his road and embarked on a journey of success which had proved that “If you have the will and dedication then ain’t no mountains high enough.”

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