Digital Marketing Wizard Mehul Suthar acing his journey towards being Social Media Expert

Surat, Gujarat [India] : The advent of social media has bolstered the presence of digital media on a wider scale. There are numerous enthusiasts who are inclined towards learning the art of digital media and thus carving a special niche for themselves as digital media mavericks. A young digital media wizard from Rajasthan who moved to Gujarat to understand the dynamics of the digital media. Mehul Suthar at an age of 22 has turned out to be a social media influencer. Mehul started from an idea and the ace media influencer is now giving lives to people’s ideas and their talents. The young boy from Rajasthan is giving his hundred percent efforts and the hard work is paying off.

Mehul Suthar’s official Instagram handle that it infomehulsuthar is gaining momentum and love from the known models and celebrities he has worked and collaborated with. Mehul has a huge fan following on the popular social media platforms. Owing to his digital understanding and strategies he has made impactful connections with budding, growing and big names in different industries. Everyone recommends Mehul for the digital media strategies. Mehul is growing as one of the finest entrepreneurs in the social media world. The models from different parts of the cities are showering praises and appreciating Mehul’s digital media knowledge and how he has helped them to grow through his skills. The models have seen a substantial growth in their followers and traction on their official accounts. Mehul provides platform to people with talent and help them reach their goal. His Instagram account named ‘growexpertz’ helps the emerging talent to stand out amidst the mass.

Mehul is proud owner of the growing event company titled ‘Jay Event Company’ and social media venture by the name ‘Social Fast Tag’. This was started in the year 2016 when Mehul was only 18 years old. At this age people are deciding what to do with their lives and Mehul with his utter determination and hard work has reached to a bigger platform in the span of 4 years. The digital wizard not only uplifted models but choreographers as well. Noted gujarati choreographer spoke very highly about Mehul’s craftsmanship as event company owner and digital entrepreneur. The testimonial videos are posted on his official account. These videos are testament to his effortless job and role as ace social media expert. Not only he has received good words from them but also they presented him with trending gadgets as gifts for his valuable service. Indeed Mehul’s determination and commitment is taking him to various places.

Mehul’s success record speaks volumes about his character as a genuine entrepreneur. Mehul strives to work hard and provide his honest services to his clients in the form of promotion, social media strategizing, social media handling, event activities and BTL promotions as well. Mehul is inspired by the very ideology of doing what you believe in. If you are consistent enough in your approach you will certainly reach your milestone. Mehul’s experience in the past years has worked for him and his thoughts and ideologies have supported him to the core. The factor which distinguishes Mehul from the rest is that he gives wings to everyone who aspires to fly. He does not believe in flying solo, he is a team leader and he leads by example. Genuinely a true quality that everyone notices in an entrepreneur.