Discover the Beat of the Night with Azzir: Your Ultimate Nightlife Companion!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 5: Say goodbye to aimlessly wandering the city streets, desperately searching for the ideal spot to spend your evening. Introducing Azzir, the groundbreaking all-in-one mobile app that will completely transform your nightlife experience and effortlessly bring the vibrant rhythm of the city to your fingertips. Prepare yourself for a night out like never before, as your adventures are about to reach a whole new level of grooviness!

The creators, Atit Agarwal, Rahul Kothari, DJ Shiva and Binny Dhadwal, stumbled upon the idea one fateful night, driven by their longing to witness the mesmerising beauty of live Sufi music. As there was no reliable platform available to find such captivating events, they were determined to solve this dilemma, and launched Azzir – a revolutionary platform that unites music enthusiasts, artists, and venues in their quest to discover the perfect musical experience that fulfils their desires.

Rahul Kothari, co-founder of Azzir, excitedly states that, “Our vision for Azzir is to become the Uber for nightlife all around the world. Just like Uber revolutionised how we travel, we aim to transform how people experience the vibrant nightlife scene. With Azzir, music enthusiasts will have the power to seamlessly navigate the global music landscape, connecting with their favourite artists and finding the hottest clubs wherever they go.”

This awesome app has three cool features! The Club Finder feature will sweep you off your feet and lead you straight to the hottest spots in town. No matter what kind of music gets your heart pumping – soulful sufi melodies or electrifying beats of EDM – Azzir has got your back! It’s as easy as a few taps on your screen to satisfy all your musical cravings. The Artist Lineup feature will take you on a thrilling journey into the world of your favourite artists. You can lose yourself in their enchanting melodies and stay updated with their social media posts. Say goodbye to missing out on any rhythm and let the music guide you to the most captivating events ever! Last but certainly not least, the Event Discovery feature acts as your personal planner for unforgettable nights out. It allows you to handpick clubs based on your preferences, from the location and music genre to the delectable food options and enticing happy hours. Your nightlife experience becomes tailor-made, ensuring every moment is precisely what you desire.

DJ Shiva, the trailblazing artist with an unmatched flair for blending Bollywood beats and electronic dance music, excitedly states that, “Azzir is the ultimate groove companion, paving the way for Gen Z to embrace the nightlife to their heart’s content.”

Azzir not only caters to the locals but also emerges as a saviour for travellers seeking unforgettable nightlife experiences. Finding the right club for an evening outing, aligned with one’s musical tastes or location, has always been a challenge. With Azzir, travellers can bid farewell to such worries. With a myriad of clubs to choose from and the flexibility to refine their selection based on music, artists, or location, Azzir truly transforms the way travellers explore nightlife.

Atit Agarwal, co-founder of Azzir, states that “Our platform ensures that travellers can indulge in unforgettable music experiences, breaking free from the confines of unknown cities, and uniting with the heartbeat of nightlife wherever they may roam.”

Azzir is revolutionising the nightlife scene with its platform, which already features over 1950 clubs and resto bars. Whether you’re in Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Chennai, or any other exciting city, Azzir has you covered with its expanding reach. But their ambitions don’t stop there – they are preparing to go international and cater to music lovers in more than 40 cities in the coming months.

Binny Dhadwal, one of the biggest bartenders in the business not just in India but globally, states that “Our journey with Azzir has been driven by the shared vision of enriching lives through music. Join us in this revolution and let the world’s nightlife become your playground!”

So, whether you’re a globetrotter searching for the hottest spots around the world or a local music enthusiast looking to explore your city’s soulful rhythms, Azzir is the must-have app to guide your nights to perfection. Download Azzir today and let the music take the lead!

About Azzir: Azzir is a mobile app designed for music enthusiasts, providing a convenient platform to discover local events and artists performing at nearby clubs. Users can browse event listings based on location and music genre, view artist lineups, and follow their social media handles. With over 1950 clubs and resto bars listed on the platform covering 9 Cities in India, Azzir aims to revolutionise music discovery in India and beyond.

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