DYPIU, Pune Offers Future-Proof Courses to Meet the Demands of Industry 4.0

This University Offers Futuristic Disciplines and Skill Programmes to Bridge the Gap Created By Technological Breakthroughs

September 24: D Y Patil International University, Akrudi, Pune is one of India’s finest and fastest-growing private universities, producing highly competent professionals to tackle the needs of tomorrow. The institution has lately started operating as a state private university, providing top-notch higher education in engineering, management, international business, graphic design, biotechnology, journalism, and mass communication.

At DYPIU, their core mission is to create a vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creativity, experiential learning inspired by research, and a keen focus on futuristic relevant areas. It also aspires to become a global Private University by developing socially relevant and contemporary outcome-based programmes, conducting inter and intradisciplinary research in thrust areas, broadening the scope of research collaborations, and enhancing faculty and student exchange programmes around the world.

DYIPU is building thought-provoking talent

It is imperative that we overhaul our thought process, our learning models to adapt to the new world order. DYIPU is doing just that, designing new curricula that have earned them a spot among the most emerging universities in the country by India Today.

Digitalization is shaping our society to a large extent. It is the need of the hour to examine business from a new and critical perspective. Traditional managerial and administrative practises are restricting new frontiers to only possible commercial prospects and new market segments. As more students obtain digital technical skills, the next generation will be better equipped to tackle more significant issues. A recent instructional Webinar with their VC, Prof. Prabhat Ranjan (Vice-Chancellor – DYPIU), titled “Creating a Thought-Provoking Mind,” shed light on how digital literacy will empower students to develop and come up with solutions that will enable them to create a better society.

“DYPIU has helped me in a variety of ways; anytime I had challenges, I was aided by teachers who guided me in the appropriate manner. Because the university’s curriculum is so neoteric and similar to current industry norms, I’ve learned a lot of new things as a result of my studies. My experience has been tremendously fruitful and fulfilling.” says Mrudula Vabe, BCA student.

At the recently held EdTech X Indian Education Awards 2021, DYPIU received the prestigious honour of Most Emerging Higher Education Institute of the Year, which VC Prof Prabhat Ranjan received on behalf of the University.

“It is critical for India to implement suitable mechanisms to ensure that the educational system is always changing to prepare students for the ever-changing technological world. The most essential lesson will be learning how to learn. We can’t expect students to keep employing the skills they learned in college for the remainder of their lives. This is more significant in some industries than others.” explains Prof Ranjan.” At DYPIU, we strive to develop an innovative curriculum to cope up with the fast-changing industry scenario, thereby producing talent that is innovative, imaginative and creative and is equipped with skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication and lifelong learning,” he adds.

Stellar placement records at DYIPU

One of the most important aspects of the academic programme at DYPIU is providing all students with extensive industry exposure, which allows them to relate to and learn from each other. By hosting guest lectures and expert discussions regularly, the placement cell also educates students about numerous career options in sectors such as the Public Sector, Armed Forces, and Government Sector services. DYPIU students’ abilities have been recognised at numerous campus drives, and students had good placement opportunities. Some of the best companies globally like Vodafone, Cummins, Toshiba, Godrej, Cognizant etc. have engaged with the University to hire. Many of the students have secured a seat for higher education at various overseas universities.

“My career prospects were enhanced with my studies at DYPIU. It provided me with the opportunity to meet a variety of individuals and learn a range of skills. I am grateful to the Corporate Relations & Placement Cell and faculty members for their unwavering support and for providing me with a platform for hands-on learning and preparation for the corporate world.” enthuses an exuberant Divya Sehlar graduated from the BCA programme in 2021 and successfully placed with Cognizant.

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