Eeshan – Kaushik, Musical Duo’s Debut Single “Khoye Pal” Is an Ode to Living in the Present

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Eeshan – Kaushik is a Mumbai-based duo comprising ace musicians and music producers Eeshan Tripathi and Kaushik Ramachandran. The duo is known for constantly expanding its sonic repertoire spanning from pop-rock, drum n bass fusion to softer ballad style. Eeshan is a keyboardist who is well experienced in lending his master musical and production skills to many well-known acts. He also tours and records regularly with Hindi rock/Bollywood performer Aditya Narayan. Kaushik on the other hand is the lead vocalist of a renowned Hindi pop-rock band called Paradigm Shift, co-owner of Benchmark Studios (Thane), and a popular music producer.

The debut song of Eeshan – Kaushik “Khoye Pal” was shot right before the pandemic happened. The video of this song is directed by Varun Gathani and the protagonist of the music video is Dhruv Lohumi, an upcoming actor/comedian who was recently featured in a Hindi movie called Maska which was released on Netflix in 2020. Created with the foundational theme of reflecting the spiritual journey, the video of this song brings out a physical manifestation of this journey through a trek across the visually stunning Himalayan landscape of the Spiti Valley.  The journey takes the protagonist through serene scenes, rough mountain terrains, flowing water, and myriad cinematic landscapes which Himachal is well known for.

Here is an official link to the music video and the song, it released officially on 26th February on all digital platforms:

YouTube – 

Eeshan’s thoughts on Khoye Pal are, “We as human beings are in a constant race of expanding our boundaries, trying to be limitless,  thinking that’s what life is all about but in reality, no matter how big we think we are, if we die  tomorrow, the world will still exist and the sun will still shine bright.  Khoye Pal is a gentle reminder that the depth of our life is determined not by what we possess but by the profoundness of our attention to every detail of life. It’s about pausing to embrace the beauty of life.”

Kaushik thinks, “Eeshan – Kaushik is about creating songs on cinematic stories to convey sometimes grand and sometimes simple and sometimes out-of-the-box ideas. We believe in an aural as well as visual storytelling and we’d like to tie every song with a visual spectacle.”

Eeshan – Kaushik is a musical duo striving to create soulful aural renditions of simple, grand, and different ideas. It is a musical duo that is on its way to raising the bar in visual storytelling while keeping musical delight as the main focus.

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