Embrace the Scent of Rain: Captivating Monsoon Fragrance

Indulge in the aromatic symphony of rain-kissed petals as monsoon scents dance in the air, enchanting your every breath

New Delhi (India), August 24: Step into a world where raindrops dance on your skin, and Ajmal Perfume’s Monsoon Collection fills the air with an intoxicating aroma. This exquisite range captures the essence of the rainy season, enchanting your senses with scents that evoke freshness, rejuvenation, and romance. Crafted meticulously, each fragrance embraces the elusive scent of raindrops, taking you on a sensory journey to blissful monsoon moments. Immerse yourself in nature’s magic with Ajmal Perfume’s Monsoon Collection—a delightful invitation to embrace the allure of the rainy season.

Here are a few collections from Ajmal Perfumes for the monsoon season:

1. Yearn Eau De Parfum For Men (100ML For INR 1500/-)

This modern aquatic fragrance draws inspiration from the mighty force of ocean waves and the vastness of the sea. It starts with a vibrant explosion of zesty lemon, refreshing mint, and invigorating mineral marine notes. At the heart of the perfume lies the uplifting essence of lavender, accompanied by clean, sharp, woody green tones reminiscent of cashmere. The base of the fragrance is composed of velvety and earthy woods, amber wood, patchouli, and musk, lending strength to the volatile top notes and ensuring their lingering presence on the skin. Lemon, lavender, and amberwood play integral roles in this captivating scent experience.

Top Note: Lemon, Mint, Marine

Heart Note: Lavender, Cashmeran (Ocean Freshness + The Woody Note)

Base Note: Amberwood, Patchouli And Musk

Family: Aromatic Aquatic

Link to Shop: https://in.ajmalperfume.com/products/yearn_edp_100ml?_pos=2&_sid=b5bdd111a&_ss=r&variant=41804902924458

2. AND Ethereal Dreamer Eau De Parfum For Women (100ML For INR 1800/-)

The scent of a progressive woman- for the AND woman who is independent and has the power to create, nurture, love and transform the everyday into something magical through her stunning timelessness.

Ethereal Dreamer is a warm, citrusy, and floral fragrance that captures the essence of suspended droplets in the air, turning childhood dreams of walking on clouds into a tangible reality. With the freshness of bergamot and berry, the mystical allure of iris and jasmine, and the grounding presence of patchouli and vetiver, this fragrance embodies a delicate balance of enchantment and strength.

Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit 

Heart Note: Iris, Jasmine

Base Note: Patchouli, Vetiver

Family: Citrus-Fruity, Soft-Floral, Earthy-Woody

Link to Shop: https://in.ajmalperfume.com/collections/and/products/ethereal_dreamer_edp_100ml?variant=41804792594602

3. Global Desi Mythical Bloom Trance Eau De Parfum For Women (100ML FOR INR  1600/-)

Experience the captivating allure of lush violet fields, where citrusy bergamot and mandarin energize your senses. Delicate blue-violet blooms and serene lavender create a velvety, mesmerizing spell. Mingling with white florals, it casts an irresistible fragrance that lingers. Musk, sandalwood, and vanilla anchor the subtle floral heart, seducing your senses. A refreshing breeze, a captivating memory.

Top Note: Bergamot, Mandarin

Heart Note: Violet, Tuberose

Base Note: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Family: Soft Floral

Link to Shop: https://in.ajmalperfume.com/collections/global-desi/products/mythical_bloom_edp_100ml?variant=41804825493674

4. Raindrops Eau De Parfum For Women (50ml FOR INR 1300/-)

Raindrops by Ajmal is a fragrance designed for the modern woman, blending uplifting fruity and sensual floral notes. This Floral Fruity scent captures the essence of contemporary elegance with its unique combination of fresh, fruity, and floral elements. Raindrops envelop the wearer in a delicate and sleek aura, exuding a simplistic yet refined charm. Created for the practical woman who appreciates outdoor freshness, this fragrance offers a clean and back-to-basics chic appeal. Its composition embodies a harmonious balance of contemporary elements, delivering a scent that is both practical and sophisticated.

Top Note: Fruity Floral Woody

Heart Note: Animalistic Floral

Base Note: Floral Ambery Woody

Family: Floral Chypre

Link to Shop: https://in.ajmalperfume.com/products/raindrops_edp_50ml?_pos=2&_sid=c94726b79&_ss=r&variant=41804837355690

Available on:https://in.ajmalperfume.com/#

  • Wellness Reigns this Monsoon with Cosmix by Your Side

Embrace a season of wellness this monsoon with the trusted companion of Cosmix by your side. Introducing a range of holistic solutions to enhance your well-being:

My Happy Gut

3-in-1 solution for indigestion, bloating and constipation. It also aids in detoxifying your body resulting in better skin, hair & mood. The unbelievable mixture of fermented papaya, guava, jeera and ginger makes it all the way more tempting. Ashoka roots sourced from Orissa & Assam is rich in it’s anti-inflammatory properties and treats as remedy for various digestive & skin conditions.

Available on: https://cosmix.in/

Healthy Hair

Facing dandruff and itchy scalp?

No more, get your hands on the Healthy Hair by Cosmix which aids your body with vital nutrients and antioxidants that combat hair loss. Filled with goodness of amla rich in zinc & vitamin C helps maintain moisture and oil levels in the scalp along with Bamboo Shoot sourced from Orissa & West Bengal aids in protecting collagen and helps in renewing the cell growth. 

Available on: https://cosmix.in/

Chai Latte

Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavor, gut health, and immunity with our unique Garam Chai Wellness Blend. Savor the rich, aromatic goodness of cardamom tea and ginger, all while knowing that your gut health remains uncompromised. This exquisite blend features a thoughtful composition of Vegan Plant Milk Powder, Fermented Papaya, Triphala, Mulethi, Ashoka, Jeera, and Monk Fruit – a holistic combination designed to invigorate your taste buds, nurture your gut, and fortify your immune system. Elevate your chai experience with every soothing sip, and embrace wellness in every cup.

Available on: https://cosmix.in/

Shroom Immune coffee booster

Discover a new era of coffee enjoyment with our CoffeeBalance Elixir. Tackle caffeine jitters and crashes while benefiting from antioxidants and stress hormone balance. Elevate your daily coffee by effortlessly adding our elixir, available in Real Indonesian Cacao and Real Kerala Vanilla variants. Crafted with a powerhouse Mushroom Blend, Vegan Plant Milk Powder, and exquisite natural ingredients like Indonesian Cacao, Vanilla Bean Powder, and Monk Fruit, this is the ultimate solution for a harmonious and flavorful coffee experience.

Stir well, sip, and enjoy!

Available on: https://cosmix.in/

  • Monsoon Must Haves from Aminu: Let Your Skin Glow

With monsoon comes plenty of humidity and acne prone skin issues, and unfortunately, these can also lead to skin dullness. How you treat your face and body during this month will determine the condition of your complexion for the later time of the year—and long-term, how you treat your skin in one cumulative year will impact its condition for the next decade.

At Aminu however we want to help you protect and nourish your skin with our range of

monsoon must-haves:

Vit C Body Oil:

Vit C Body Oil comprises 9 nourishing oils and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins & sterols. The Vit. C body oil brightens, revitalizes & tones the appearance of skin. After a few weeks of regular use your skin will be stronger, softer, and deeply fortified.

Available on: https://www.aminu.life/products/vit-c-body-oil

Skin Perfecting Serum: 

Formulated to clear clogged pores, fade acne marks, and refine the appearance of pores & lines. The Skin Perfecting Serum accelerates healing, using patented ingredients, which promote growth factor secretion, and imparts outstanding anti-bacterial properties to help restore the homeostasis of acne-prone skin.

Available on: https://www.aminu.life/collections/oily-skin/products/skin-perfecting-serum

  • Essential Monsoon Picks from Old School

Embrace the monsoon season with a curated selection of nourishing skincare and haircare essentials:

Hand-Worked Red Sandalwood & Saffron Glow Defining Cleansing Powder – (60G FOR INR – 1320/-)

A unique sensorial cleanser that transforms from a powder that gently exfoliates to a lathering paste once in contact with water. This travel-friendly face wash powder penetrates deep into the pores and brings an instant glow to the skin. Suitable for all skin types; particularly beneficial for those with mature or dull skin.

Available on: https://www.oldschoolrituals.in/cleansers/hand-worked-red-sandalwood-and-saffron-glow-defining-cleansing-powder?sku=FG-FR-RSP-0008

Handmade By Grandmas Hair oil – (100ML FOR INR – 950/-)

A traditional recipe of hair oil, crafted especially for babies, with the choice of herbs and roots to promote hair growth and scalp health.

Available on: https://www.oldschoolrituals.in/hair-oil/handmade-by-grandmas-hair-oil?sku=FG-KR-ACM-0030

Potatoes & Saffron Reviving Eye Mask – (12G FOR INR – 1220/-)

A cooling and refreshing under-eye mask to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles.

Available on: https://www.oldschoolrituals.in/eye-masks/potatoes-and-saffron-reviving-eye-mask?sku=FG-FR-PSE-0018

Cinnamon & Mango Toner Mist – (100ML FOR INR – 950/-)

A sweet and spicy toning mist made especially for sensitive skin that is prone to moisture loss and exposure-damage.

Available on: https://www.oldschoolrituals.in/toner-mist/cinnamon-and-mango-toning-mist?sku=FG-FR-CMT-0012

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