Highly Influential Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj Extends His Support to the Hindu Recreational Venture: SACHME

Shree Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj and Highphill Mathews

 Jaipur, Aug 9: With a tremendous strive in connecting expatriates with their culture and religion in foreign lands; SACHME is the perfect blend of modernity sprinkled with a hint of spirituality. Focusing greatly on celebrating the togetherness of festivals, art, seminars and other activities, SACHME aims to provide an activity centre for communities. Society Arrangements for Culture, Humanity, Meditation and Enlightenment (SACHME) recreational centres will be spread across the Globe. Apart from the spiritual support, SACHME will also focus on more humanitarian needs and provide relief and assistance to weaker members of society, making for an enriching environment where communities can thrive. The organisation has also put in additional proposals for the creation of Ashrams, Dharamshala (Spiritual Dwelling), Public Shelter, Recreational Centres and Meditation Centres, enriching the experience of the expatriates living in different parts of the Globe. With its low or even no membership cost and easy accessibility from major urban centres, SACHME is aimed at becoming the go-to recreational centre for Hindus to connect with their spirituality with yoga sessions, meditation sessions, recitation of Bhagavad Gita and many more. Centres in the UAE will be spread across Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai with plans of future expansion to major countries like Thailand, Oman, Singapore, Poland, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Cambodia, Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda, United States, South African countries and many more in coming five years. SACHME lead by Shri AnuragMaheshwari & Highphill Mathews had been praised by Shri Ashok Gehlot Ji (Hon. Chief Minister of Rajasthan, India), Dr. Bu Abdullah (Guinness Book of Records Holder), Shri Amin Kagzi (Hon. Member of Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan, India) and assured their full support during the visit and press conference held in India in February 2021.

The brain behind this Hindu recreational centre (SACHME) is Shri AnuragMaheshwari; a well-known and successful businessman from past decades. He owns the Benchmark Group of Companies which has diversified business in the field of the Finance sector, Media and Films sector, Import and Exports etc. Recently, he has launched a US-based OTT platform “MOBIFLIX ” and also bought the Maratha Arabians team in the World’s fastest Cricket format “Abu Dhabi T10” League. Along with the strong influence of multiple business activities, he is perhaps one of the most bankable names in the World, which gets him to be appointed as the Director of Business Strategy for Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Investment (Member of the Royal ruling family of the United Arab Emirates). From a very early age, Shri Anurag Maheshwari is attracted to Spirituality and Meditation, which inspired him to create SACHME. His vision of SACHME is fuelled by the likes of eminent personalities including Highphill and as per the sources soon Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj also known as “Guruji” will also be the part of SACHME.

Shri Amin Kagzi, Dr. Bu Abdullah, Shri Ashok Gehlot Ji, Shri Anurag Maheshwari

One of the other brains behind the success and flourishing of SACHME is Highphill Mathews. A talented and brilliant actor and entrepreneur, He has been seen in many shades in the Indian film industry. From acting in films to producing blockbusters, Mathews has been at the forefront of his career throughout. Taking a break from stardom in 2016, Mathews decided to follow his entrepreneurial goals and therefore channelled all his efforts and skills in helping several other new entrepreneurs to thrive in the market thus he has joined as the Senior Consultant India in the Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum investment and is responsible for providing and engaging advisory based financial help/support on behalf of His Royal Highness’s Office (UAE) for Indian Entrepreneurs in business ventures.

Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj, also known as “Guruji” was born in a quaint village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Completing his law degree, Guruji later appeared in the UPSC and UPPSC. During this time, he met several spiritual leaders which inspired him to follow the path of the spirit. Giving wholeheartedly to the human race, Guruji has been named among the top 100 influential people of the country. Touching the lives of millions, Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj’s Gurukul is one of the most marvellous avenues for learning which promotes several skills to suit several vocational pursuits. With an emphasis on mental, spiritual and physical wellness, Gurukul aims towards the holistic development of children from a very early age. Steering away from the stressful curriculums taught at other schools, Gurukul helps to develop a personality with the help of ethical and moral thinking. Ensuring his duty towards society, Shree ShivyogiYuktanandjiMaharaj has been wholeheartedly supporting and reeling for the success of SACHME. Aligning the vision of serving the Hindu community in foreign nations, this initiative will help to foster spiritual and moral values.

Culminating from the effort and persistence of these great figures, SACHME is becoming one of the major spiritual spawns where Hindus can feel right at home. With several direct, indirect, fiscal and induced benefits to the surrounding communities as well, SACHME will be the perfect spiritual retreat that many have been looking for when far from home, providing nourishment and renewal of the spirit.

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