Lifology research report points out “Happy students learn better” and 81% of parents and teachers say ‘Happy Schools & Happy Homes’ enhance academic performance.

Bangalore, Karnataka [India]: The Guinness World Record-winning Lifology has celebrated the United Nation’s International Day of happiness with ‘HappinED Conclave’ where 30 eminent principals from various states of India and the middle east participated.

The 3-day conclave from March 20 – 22nd also saw the release of the research report which highlights many aspects which were deliberated by the august panel. The most important finding of the research was “happy students learn better”. The conclave pointed out the importance of the notion of ‘happy schools and happy homes’ as the most important factor of academic performance. The research report expounded the idea of the “Happiness Unit & Happiness Index” in schools which the conclave discussed and endorsed.

The research report stressed the importance of parenting sessions in schools, the need of family education, and inspiring a holistic paradigm of education and career in society. The research was spearheaded by Executive Director of APCDA Dr. Marilyn Maze (UK) and Rahul J Nair, Director Lifology.

“India has an important demographic dividend now, and it is imperative that we focus on their happiness and psychological well-being from school days. Along with improving the infrastructure of schools, the ‘human infrastructure paradigm’ energised by the aspects of ‘The pursuit of happiness through Education’ needs to be inculcated into the system” opined Dr. Marilyn Maze and Rahul J Nair, who led the research.

  • Research led by a group of Lifologists and Psychologists across 12 states of India and Indian diaspora of the middle east.
  • The survey covered 12 states of India and 31,257 parents | released as a part of celebrating United Nation’s International Day of Happiness. UN Resolution A/RES/66/281
  • 30 Principals from eminent schools of India and the Middle East participated.

It has been found that families are not giving keen focus on providing a happy environment for students and studied. The study also focused on the difference between “learned teachers” and “Learning teachers” which emphasised the importance of the latter.

Praveen Parameswar, CEO of Lifology said “In a post-Covid world, more and more focus needs to go to mental health along with physical wellbeing and academics. Our research also concurs with the Harvard Grant study’s implications and we will work to create awareness on these deep and nuanced aspects across schools of the nation”.

Lifology is India’s first and largest guidance eco system for parents. It helps the parents to identify the right solution for every education, learning, skill development, and career planning needs of the children. It is a stop comprehensive destination for every concern of parents related to their children’s future. They focus on the Career, Education, and Future of students and have been pioneering various conclaves focused on enhancing learning amount students.

The organisation has signed MOUs and associating with the Govt of Uttar Pradesh, Govt of Karnataka, and also partners of GEMS Dubai, the world’s largest school chain. Their offices in Dubai and UK are doing similar research in the field of education. They have offices in Bengaluru and Trivandrum.