Minfy Tech announces their new CEO Vikram Manchanda – A born in the cloud company

Hyderabad, Telangana [India]: Minfy Tech a born in the cloud company, an AWS Premier partner, and one of the fastest-growing cloud services company announces Vikram Manchanda as the CEO. Founded in 2015 by Vijay Jain and Vivek Jain, Minfy has a strong and increasing presence in BFSI, Healthcare, Government, Education, and Manufacturing Industries. Growing robustly in these Covid ridden times, Minfy sees traction in its growth markets of India, ASEAN, US, UK, and MEA. Minfy is one of the fastest-growing cloud consulting company has grown 5 times in just the last 3 years. It has also featured in the Global Top 100 cloud companies by Channel. In 2020, Minfy surpassed Rs 100 crore turnover mark and has a trailing annualized top-line over $20M.

Vikram Manchanda was the founder of the AWS public sector business in India starting in 2015. A respected leader in the cloud and IT industry, Vikram has led organizations and teams in AWS and Microsoft for over 15 years. As the Country Head of the India and South Asia business, his direction enabled AWS to become the leader among the cloud providers focused on the $1 billion government cloud market. In his last role at AWS as the Digital Transformation Leader in the global team, he was responsible for the adoption of India’s cloud-based innovative solutions in the international markets. Before AWS, Vikram performed various leadership roles at Microsoft, where he spent 10 years. As the cloud leader, he was responsible for the Microsoft Azure cloud launch in India. He represented the cloud industry to the government for opening up the cloud market as early as 2013. His expertise is in mainstreaming disruptive technologies by creating financially viable business models and wide-scale adoption. His passion lies in the future of health tech and he believes that the power of AI and Emerging tech will transform human capacity.

According to Vijay Jain, co-founder of MinfyTech, Vikram is a caring leader who will have empathy for our customers’ expectations and mentor our people to realize their aspirations. I am glad that Vikram embodies all that we need and will help Minfy rapidly progress towards its purpose. I have seen Vikram from close quarters as he founded the AWS public sector business in India and grew the business and team several times. He understands the dilemmas of a founder and challenges of a rapidly growing organization.”

About Minfy: Minfy is reinventing itself to help accelerate the digital transformation of customers in BFSI, Healthcare, Government, Education, and Manufacturing Industries. Minfy with its talent base in India is expanding its market presence internationally in ASEAN, the US, and the UK. Vikram as the CEO will lead Minfy’s growth strategy and drive its vision of accelerating customers’ digital transformation.