Not Children Anymore: We Hope, Hope is there!!

Pakhi Gupta

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], August 26: In the realm of society’s newspapers, a contrasting tapestry of news unfolds each day – a blend of hopeful and disheartening narratives. Amid this flux, a perceptive Pakhi Gupta recognizes the world’s pressing issues, both encouraging and dismaying. A poignant question arises: if such understanding is within the grasp of the youth, why does the older generation often seem bereft of it? The common refrain echoing, “nothing will ever change,” appears to eclipse the potential for transformation.

Emanating from the younger cohort is a persistent belief in the possibility of positive outcomes. These tender minds remain inclined to embrace the best in all things, resisting the allure of negativity. However, the recurring exposure to the sentiment that “nothing will change” chips away at this abundant hope. The fear arises: what if this loss of hope becomes a reality? The youth, poised to inherit the world’s reins, stand as its future architects. Yet, the fragility of this hope remains, susceptible to the daily battering of skepticism.

Yet, in the face of prevailing doubt, a profound conviction emerges from this new generation. They not only grasp the intricacies of the prevailing challenges but also wield innovative solutions. Embodied in the crucible of experiences like the Model United Nations, these young minds convene to dissect global issues – some that the elder generation may overlook. With discussions spanning drug abuse, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ advocacy, these adolescents construct ingenious solutions. The impetus is rooted in a profound understanding of the issues’ gravity and their far-reaching consequences. These young voices resonate with solutions overlooked by adults, for their destinies are intimately tied to the resolution of these very problems.

In closing, Pakhi Gupta passionate entreaty resounds – a plea to grant these young visionaries a platform. As the world’s custodians, the adults hold the keys to the future, a future shaped by the very minds they sometimes underestimate. The fervent hope is for a world where challenges are met with resilience rather than resignation – a world that stands as a testament to unity, progress, and the unyielding spirit of a generation poised to pave the way for meaningful change.

By: Pakhi Gupta

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