‘PREMIER SCHOOLS EXHIBITION’ Showcases India’s Top Line Schools in Surat!

December 18: Premier Schools Exhibition – the one of its kind exhibition on schools’ admission is back in your city, keeping in mind all the SOPs & safety measures for the visitors. In this ever changing fast paced world, parents, irrespective of class, go through the dilemma of choosing the right school for their child. Either, they are pressed for time to visit different schools in their vicinity or lack the right information and the distinguishing factor to decide the best fit school for their child.

Like every year, Premier Schools Exhibition will showcase Surat’s leading Day Schools and India’s finest Boarding & International Schools 18 and 19th December at Surat Marriott Hotel, Surat.

All parents visiting the ‘Premier Schools Exhibition’ in Surat, will get a chance to directly interact with the School Principals, Head of Admissions and their representatives, clarify their concepts and ideas, collect authentic and updated information and benefit from ‘Spot Counseling’ and ‘Spot admissions offers,’ made here. The participating schools will showcase themselves by presenting their academic excellence, online learning, overall performance, infrastructure & facilities, teaching methodology, and fees structure to the parents.

Over 20 impressive line-up of schools are participating at the ‘Premier Schools Exhibition’ which are Day Schools from Surat and some of India’s prominent Boarding Schools from Dehradun, Bangalore, Mussoorie , Mehsana, Bhuj, Sikar, Pune, Hisar and known places from India. Parents will have a wide option to choose from different education boards right from IB, Cambridge, CBSE, ICSE & Gujarat Board.

In an age of web browsers and search engines, searching every information is not feasible and the information gained is not always reliable. Everyone looks for a one stop place which not only provides authentic information but overall guidance as well.

At the Premier Schools Exhibition parents get a chance not only to gain knowledge and information about the best schools in their vicinity and across the country, but to meet representatives of these schools in person. Gaining reliable information from schools themselves, getting their questions answered instantly and having the chance for on the spot admissions in the school of their choice, are a few pros in a long list of advantages that this exhibition offers. It is the perfect opportunity for parents to make a well informed decision about their child’s future.

Today, Boarding schools have become forte’s of educational finery, unlike in the past when they were considered ‘distant prisons’ for troubled children. Boarding schools are self-reliant schools with a close-knit academically challenging, energetic & peaceful environment. It provides residential facilities for students & teachers in healthy climates & often scenic locales.  Students at boarding schools learn to take care of themselves & take responsibility for their actions, sooner than day students thereby experiencing a lot of personal growth developing greater self-belief, maturity & self-reliance. Diversity in the social, cultural & at times national backgrounds of students at boarding schools helps students to develop a more cosmopolitan outlook. The well-knit package of excellence in sports, academics, enrichment, facilities and supervision offered by prominent boarding schools, makes it an extremely tempting option for parents.

Some of the participating schools are Unison World School (Dehradun), Jain International School(Bangaluru), Tula’s International School (Dehradun), Mussoorie International School (Mussoorie), Woodstock School (Muussoorie), Kasiga School (Dehradun), Mount Literaa Zee School (Surat), Hopetown Girl’s School (Sikar), Modi Girl’s residential School (Sikar),Vidhya Devi JIndal School (Hisar), Sancta Maria International School Residential (Bhuj), Divine Child Shool (Mehsana), Indus International School (Pune),The Aryan School (Dehradun), Greenwood High International School (Bengaluru), Ram Ratna Vidhya Mandir (Mumbai), Trivandrum International School (Trivendrum)  and many more.

Parents will also get an opportunity to attend a series of eye-opening and informative seminars on topics like ‘How to choose the right school for your child’, ‘The life-long advantage of a Boarding School education’ and ‘Understanding different Boards in India: IB, Cambridge, ICSE & CBSE’.

Premier Schools Exhibition was conceived 17 years ago, with the idea of assisting Parents in choosing the right school, to secure their child’s future. Mr. Sanjeev Bolia, Founder and MD, ‘Afairs Exhibitions & Media Pvt. Ltd,’ explains the idea behind the IIPSE in the following words: “Sending your child to a school especially Boarding school can often be an emotionally difficult decision … We hope to make this task easier, by enabling parents to access and view a multitude of the finest Indian day, residential and international schools, all under a single roof!”

The exhibition travels to 13 cities in India and to Thailand, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Nepal & Bangladesh and is being organized by Afairs Exhibitions & Media Pvt. Ltd. – Asia’s Leading Education Fair organizer.