Siddhant Issar’s Sanghaar The Massacre opposes and tries to expose typical leftist, Naxal, and communist propaganda

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Actor Siddhant Issar, who is excited for the release of his next short film Sanghaar The Massacre on April 16th feels that it is his humble and small attempt to throw light on how some corrupt politicians of The Left Wing misuse Leftist, Communist, Maoist and Naxalite ideologies to divide people based on their faith, belief, colour, religion, etc. and exploit this for their political benefits.

The film will throw light on how Lal Salaam leaders misguide economically backward and weaker sections of the society into believing that they are being victimised. They do this as a business, a means to come into power, by winning votes.

He shares, “The divide is done most in Indian villages and forest areas. They seed imaginary fears in the minds of the underprivileged that they will be persecuted by those in power but there is no persecution or execution actually happening. The propaganda they sell is entirely fake. They make the majority appear like an enemy in the minds of minorities. This creates an unnecessary divide and disruption of peace, while such leaders proclaim themselves to be the saviours, the maseehas .”

“My film will remind everyone of this one fact that no left-wing person has in our recent history done anything substantial for the underprivileged, living in backward areas. They have only exploited them and rather they have suppressed them from excelling, educating, and growing because the day their vote bank is uplifted, they won’t need any saviors in these Left Wing Leaders,” he adds.

“Communism, Marxism, Maoism, The Naxal Movement or whatever you call it, is a disease. Their philosophy is our country’s number one enemy at the moment. They have convinced many innocent people living in tribal zones, that they are not even a part of India. They don’t agree with the concept or idea of India as a nation. What happened a few days back in Chhattisgarh, where 22 Jawans were killed by Naxalites was pathetic,” he concludes.

Sanghaar The Massacre will be released on Siddhants YouTube channel Showman Theatre Productions – on April 16, 2021.