Surat created history for voter awareness!

The Surat Pre-School Association made a world record…

The Surat Pre-School Association, along with 66 schools and 8200 children, created awareness about voting by painting pictures.

Surat. India is the world’s largest democracy. During elections, it’s not just any event; it’s celebrated with much enthusiasm. To encourage more participation, the Election Commission is continuously working to raise awareness among the people. In this regard, Surat has achieved a remarkable milestone. With the collaboration of the Surat Pre-School Association, 8200 children from 66 schools created awareness about voting through paintings and handed over these pictures to their parents along with clicking photos to motivate them to vote. This initiative has earned a place in the Gujarat Book of Records. The certificate was awarded by the District Collector, Dr. Saurabh Parghi, and the District Election Officer. Mr. Bhagirath Parmar, the District Education Officer, also praised this initiative. Surat Police Commissioner Mr. Anupam Singh Gehlot, Joint Police Commissioner Mr. Vabang Jamir, and K.N. Damor also encouraged the Surat Pre-School Association to continue such efforts in the future.

The President of the Surat Pre-School Association, Nidhi Singh, and other office bearers, Kamna Khandelwal, Vruti Shah, Bhairavi Parikh, Swati Joshi, Hemali Trivedi, Bhakti Kantharia, Aakanksha Patil, and Nayana Sonavane, stated that the majority of parents consider voting day as a picnic day, so it’s necessary to create awareness about the importance of voting.

Secretary Rajesh Maheshwari and other office bearers Gopal Khatri and Jenish Jain stated that in the last Lok Sabha election, voter turnout decreased by 5%, which is not positive for democracy. Although Surat’s MP has been elected unopposed, there are still three Lok Sabha seats in Surat district, two of which will have elections on May 7. This awareness campaign, though carried out for Surat, spreads a positive message throughout the country through social media.

As responsible citizens, it’s our duty to contribute to nation-building by raising awareness. Pre-schools have been playing an important role in the holistic development of children and nation-building through the National Education Policy for years. For this program, the significant contribution of Vineta Golechha, Megha Nandwani, Krishna Thakkar, Kavita Shah, and Hiren Gandhi, along with the coordinators of pre-schools, was essential.