How will India’s First AI University, ‘Universal AI University’ works?

By Prof. Tarun Deep Singh Anand, Chancellor and Founder Universal AI University

Universal AI University, which is India’s first dedicated Artificial Intelligence – led University, is set to start a new era of futuristic education in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes. Fostering a dynamic educational excellence offering a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum, Universal AI University is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core of every subject it will teach in the University; so that the students are future-ready to take up leadership roles in businesses. 

As this would be the first University to embed AI education for the first time in India, it is interesting to know how Universal AI University has designed its courses and how it will execute the curriculum.

Universal AI University is beginning its first academic year on 1st August 2023, as it has received the final nod from the Government of Maharashtra to commence its operations. Initially, the Universal AI University will offer AI-led subjects in five disciplines. 

In the beginning, the main areas of education focus will be AI and Machine Learning (ML), Business Analytics, Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Psychology and Economics, and Business Studies with specialisations in Finance, Marketing, and Commerce. This will be soon followed by Law, Design, Sports Sciences and International affairs and Diplomacy. 

Universal AI University has designed these programmes keeping in mind the fact that the AI will have multiple applications and will be a complete game changer in the way professional, business and personal lives are lived. 

In order to perfectly design the programme, the AI University has partnered with Univitt Technologies, a non-government company working on live AI projects. This collaboration will ensure that the students gain valuable hands-on experience with these projects. It is also in advance talks with a multibillion-dollar company in accentuating the AI curriculum and providing dedicated projects for all our students.

How will AI be integrated?

Universal AI University has designed the course in such a way that every programme offers an element of AI, in short, it is integrated into every programme it offers. The main objective of these programmes is to offer students with a strong grasp of emerging technologies including AI, ML, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR), from the first year. During their final year, students are required to undertake a project that explores the influence of AI on their respective fields, whether it is social sciences, law, or business. The educational approach is centred around knowledge, AI lab work, skill development, attitude and green sustainability, with a significant emphasis on experiential learning, comprising 50-70% of the pedagogy. As part of this, each undergraduate student will write and publish a research paper or case study.

Fees Structure

The School of AI and Future Technologies offers Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes in AI and ML, as well as Business Analytics, with annual fees of Rs 3.98 lakh. The School of Liberal Arts and Humanities provides Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) programmes in Psychology and Economics, with an annual fee of Rs 3.48 lakh. Universal Business School offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and BBA plus Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in its Business Studies and Commerce division, with fees of Rs 5.18 lakh and Rs 5.98 lakh per year, respectively. Additionally, the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) programme is available at an annual fee of Rs 1.98 lakh.

Application Process

Universal AI University has started accepting applications for undergraduate programmes from students of all streams and boards both Indian and International. 

As per the norms, the Applicants must have either completed their 12th grade or be in the process of completing it in the same year they intend to start their undergraduate studies. The undergraduate programme at Universal AI University spans over four years as per the guidelines issued National Education Policy (NEP).