TAB INDIA: India’s First AI-Driven NEET Counseling Information Portal

New Delhi: Tab India, a significant milestone in the education world as an innovative AI-driven NEET counseling information portal, is officially launched. Providing candidates with reliable and accurate predictions for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) counseling services to students, Tab India revolutionizes the way of counseling for students.

As an AI-driven NEET counseling information portal, Tab India amalgamates an extensive range of data, including advanced profile assessment, cut-off comparison, counseling, and many more. The key features of Tab India include AI tools such as:

NEET College Predictor- It identifies and prioritizes the college courses available for the candidate based on the score. It is very efficient and time-saving. It also gives an idealistic approach to finding a relevant college based on the candidate’s scores.

Choice Filling Assistance- It gives expertise and personal guidance to the student to fill their choices in the NEET counseling. It helps in informed decision-making and is one of the most time-saving services for the candidate. Based on the candidate’s data, it gives affordable, time-saving, and relevant colleges. 

Cut-off Comparison- It gives a minimum score that one student should have a secure seat in the preferred college and the college. It helps students know about the chances of getting admission and counseling.

Closing Rank- Tools that help candidates to compare all round wise cut-offs of various counseling.

Founder of Tab India, Mr Anubhav Garg, said that the AI-driven NEET counseling information portal, Tab India aims to revolutionize the way students get counseling for NEET exams. Our advanced predictive analytics will provide accurate insights and enable students to make informed decisions regarding their study strategies. With Tab India, we believe that education is not an investment but also a bright future for a candidate.