Tagore’s debut as an Author of “The Emperor Cried”

Goa, [India] : The Goan born scriptwriter, film director and producer TAGORE ALMEIDA, a poet, podcaster and now an author. He lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter as a full-time technology professional working for a Fortune 500 corporation.  He is the founder of The Uncultured Company, a non-profit group he started to promote peace and tolerance using various mediums of Art.

His book The Emperor Cried, releases all over India on the 28th of Feb 2021, and a week later on all International online portals. This is Tagore’s first book as an author. The book, written as a fairy tale, examines the fact that from the time we are born, we are given beliefs and we spend an entire lifetime defending it, often fearful of thinking outside of the box. The book is a journey of an individual who spends a major part of his life only to one day, stand up against that authenticity of the Emperor, who we are all made to believe is the creator of all.

“It was a very emotional journey as I began to write this story”, Tagore states, “as I’ve spent most of my life trying to find a connection with the Emperor. Having realized that most of the major defined paths by humanity were often hypocritical and had to really do with wealth and fame by the folk at the head of these cults, I had given up on these.” Tagore was raised a Catholic in Goa, and was introduced to Hinduism in London. “While in Dubai, I lived Islam and then finally Christianity. I always left these by taking the best from each one. However, in the recent year, I have given it all up, personally coming to the conclusion that the Emperor is either a myth or people were selling a version of this Emperor to the world for their own benefit. In the midst of all that is happening in this world, why does this Emperor not react. Why are women being raped while merely returning home from a long day at work? Why are kids abused and deprived of their childhood? Why are men in huge organizations allowed to exploit the poor? Is this the creation of an Emperor, a reflection of his love?”

As a Filmmaker and a scriptwriter, his debut in Bollywood as script writer for science fiction film ALAG (2006) starring Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza, special Appearances by Bollywood Stars such as Arjun Rampal, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Preity Zinta, Bipasha and Lara Dutta.  Produced by celebrated photographer Subi Samue, and Directed by respected veteran director Ashiu Trikha.

Later he produced the short film “USS DIN”, starring Rajkumar Rao. He then made the film “A GOD OF SINNERS” showcased at various festivals such as the “Cannes Short film centre” and “Asians On Films festival” in LA. The film starred Shashank Arora as one of the leading characters. Since then he has directed short films such as “AN ENCOUNTER IN THE WILDERNESS”, followed by “ALIVE”, then “BLINK”. He was to shoot his latest film “THE FORGIVENESS” with actor Neil Nithin Mukesh but had to move it until mid-2021 due to the pandemic.

He started podcasting in December 2020 with two separate series, A PINT OF IMBECILE WISDOM and THE ART OF HUMANITY. Available on Spotify, and other podcast platforms. Both podcasts try to have conversations for a better world. Season 2 of the podcast will commence in Dec 2021.

Tagore was raised in Goa until the age of 15 and then moved to London, England where he graduated in Computer Studies. He then moved on to work for a few years at a local software house in the UK. It was during this time that he attended film classes at the London Filmmakers Co-op.  Tagore then moved to Dubai, UAE, where he spent two decades working for various organizations until he was transferred to Singapore. During his years in Dubai he met his wife Alia.

He has a good following on Instagram @tagorealmeida , Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

For more information: www.tagorealmeida.com

PR by Milroy Goes for Buenos Muzik